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'Why is writing important? Writing crystallises your ideas. It preserves them for others. It reveals the facets of your thinking. Good writing is creating a gem for others to discover.' Jane Considine

Our intent at Heartwood is that all pupils should be able to confidently communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions through their writing. We want pupils to acquire a wide vocabulary, a solid understanding of grammar and be able to spell new words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn.

We want them to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.

We believe that all pupils should take pride in the presentation of their writing, in part by developing a neat, joined, handwriting style by the time they move to secondary school.

We believe that all good writers refine and edit their writing over time, so we want children to develop independence in being able to identify their own areas for improvement, editing their work effectively during and after the writing process.


In EYFS, teachers have long term and medium term planning, ensuring that children progress in their pre-writing and writing skills, write for different purposes and reach their potential.

At Heartwood EYFS teachers plan in the moment, taking the children’s interests, so that the writing purpose is engaging, meaning and relevant to the children. The curriculum is unique for each child. Our classrooms act as the third teacher, ensuring that when an adult is not supporting learning, the children are learning and challenged through opportunities in the provision.


Teachers in Key Stages One and Two plan using the National Curriculum and ‘The Write Stuff’.

The Write Stuff is based on two guiding principles; teaching sequences that slide between experience days and sentence stacking lessons. With modelling at the heart of them, the sentence stacking lessons are broken into bite-sized chunks and taught under the structural framework of The Writing Rainbow. Teachers prepare children for writing by modelling the ideas, grammar or techniques of writing.

For our children at Heartwood it is essential that we include quality experience days as part of our writing curriculum in order for our children to be able to write from experience. We strive for our children to reach their potential and to do this we model each learning chunk, explicitly showing the writing process for each sentence.

Each Write Stuff unit, which is centered around a text, is chosen carefully by each teacher by looking at the included objectives, and knows where they need to take their class next in their writing journey.

Teachers also plan in one or two discrete grammar lessons per unit.


We have chosen to implement and embed ‘The Write Stuff’ at Heartwood as it has significantly increased our children’s vocabulary, it focuses on quality writing being modelled throughout the lesson, includes ‘experience days’ which are extremely important for our children, and has a focus on children editing and improving their own work.



Children meet with authors (in person or virtually) to promote writing and a love of writing. Author Richard O'Neill is visiting Heartwood on Friday 17th June for some storytelling. Our children have enjoyed the experience of visiting Norwich theatre to see performances including 'Oi Frog' and 'The Gruffalo'.


The children in Year 4 have been part of the 'Imagine a Story' project, through the Southbank centre in London. They have written a soon to be published short story, working alongside author Alexandra Sheppard and illustrator Allen Fatimaharan.


In response to the potential impact of the pandemic on writing we have implemented The Write Stuff to really focus on improving vocabulary. Additional grammar lessons are planned and taught and adults explicitly model throughout each lesson.


Making a Difference

By giving our children the tools and enthusiasm to be writers we are enabling them to flourish in life. By becoming independent writers who have a secure grasp of the purpose, grammar needed and audience of their writing they are able to unlock the wider world waiting for them. 

We give our children the experiences of becoming published authors, meeting authors and visiting theatres - where writing has come to life, so that they can be immersed in the creative side of writing and love writing for pleasure.


National Curriculum



We use the Read Write Inc approach to teaching spelling which compliments and works in succession with our approach to teaching early reading. 

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At Heartwood, before we teach children to form letters correctly, we ensure that we develop their pre-writing skills: oral communication, developing an interest in reading, immersing in a print rich environment, being able to hold a pencil correctly and building strength in their hands. We follow the Read Write Inc approach to teaching handwriting.

Please see our policy below. 



Implementing Writing