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Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School
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St Peter & St Paul’s Church

We have a close partnership with St Peter and St Paul Church. Rev Janet regularly leads Collective Worship in school. We hold school services in the church at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. The church building is also used to enhance Religious Education and as a valuable resource for cross-curricular learning.
To visit their website please click the link below.

Display to raise awareness of natural disasters ahead of the COP26

Each class investigated and learnt about a natural disaster. They created artwork and poetry to raise awareness. This is displayed in St Peter and St Paul's church. The parishioners and the clergy have commented on how wonderful the display is. 

Unfortunately, there is currently no vicar for Swaffham and Sporle.

Thank you to our local church for supporting the school community. 

Generous donations to support with new uniforms and providing food boxes over the school holidays has been much appreciated and had a great impact.