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St Peter & St Paul’s Church

We have a close partnership with St Peter and St Paul Church. Rev Janet regularly leads Collective Worship in school. We hold school services in the church at Harvest, Christmas and Easter. The church building is also used to enhance Religious Education and as a valuable resource for cross-curricular learning.
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Display to raise awareness of natural disasters ahead of the COP26

Each class investigated and learnt about a natural disaster. They created artwork and poetry to raise awareness. This is displayed in St Peter and St Paul's church. The parishioners and the clergy have commented on how wonderful the display is. 

As Vicar for the town of Swaffham and the village of Sporle, I am available for the whole community, including civic events, celebrating life events such as christenings and marriages, and officiating at funerals and memorials. Outreach into the community is as important as sustaining the congregations in our churches.


Whilst Swaffham has a high proportion of elderly people, there are also increasing numbers of young families in the area, and I have input into 3 Church of England primary schools. I am the Bishop’s Appointed governor and visit school regularly for collective worship and other events, whilst the children visit church at least termly for special services and in class groups to learn and explore. The parochial church council receives regular reports. Last year the school created prayer spaces and several volunteers from the parish church assisted with this initiative. The congregation has also been involved with Diocesan food hamper projects (summer and Christmas 2020) and seeks to offer support where needed.


As with the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which is integral to the school’s vision of love in all its fullness, the relationship is a reciprocal one, with the church seeking to show the face of Christ to the school community, and also being hugely blessed by the contribution the children make. The school’s links with the church help to support the children’s spiritual development, creating an environment where they can explore faith, ask questions, and have the opportunity to experience something of the mystery and wonder of God in our beautiful medieval parish church. The connection with the church also serves to build community more widely, offering the children the opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop their aspirations. As a Church of England school, at Heartwood we are committed to a Christian ethos and the spiritual well-being of our children.


Our vision and values reflect our desire to be an inclusive and caring community. There is a strong link with our parish church, St Peter & St Paul, Swaffham and the children visit the church regularly, both to explore and learn about the Christian faith, and to take part in school services. Many have longstanding connections through their families, where generations have celebrated life events in the parish church. The Vicar is a school governor, leads collective worship regularly in school, and is available to support the school community. We are looking for someone who will not only support our Christian ethos but recognise its significance in building community and developing aspirations.


Reverend Janet Allan, B.A (Hons.), Dip Lib, M.B.A. Vicar of Swaffham and Sporle

Thank you to our local church for supporting the school community. 

Generous donations to support with new uniforms and providing food boxes over the school holidays has been much appreciated and had a great impact.