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Life Skills Curriculum

Life Skills at Heartwood 

Legislation passed in the Children and Social Work Act 2017 introduces Relationships Education (RSE) as a statutory requirement in primary schools. This applies to all schools in England.

New guidance and regulations are to be followed by all schools.


Primary schools are being encouraged by the Department for Educations to provide sex education as well as Relationships Education. Parents have the option to withdraw their children from the sex element of the curriculum. 


Mrs Ali Raybould is the school’s Relationships, Sex and Health Education lead. 

Our Life Skills curriculum is designed around the needs of pupils and the community. Regular consultations with the pupils and our families feeds into the curriculum intent. The needs may change over time, we prepare to give our children the knowledge, skills and values to be prepared for key milestones or times in their lives. 



Parent Resources:

Please see below for the overviews of the core curriculum that we offer. These overviews are just the basic curriculum we provide, this is enhanced by additional learning to meet the needs of our children, cohorts and ever-changing modern society.

Videos to prompt discussions:



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