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Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School
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We are mathematicians...

At Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School we use White Rose Maths to ensure coverage of all the key aspects of Maths learning and to foster a passion for mathematical thinking and problem solving. During an academic year the children will learn a number of different skills and strategies to solve ever increasingly more difficult problems. They will also be taught to use reasoning to discuss and evaluate their learning, or conclude how they came to their solution to a problem.


The aim of the Maths curriculum is to allow children to become fluent mathematicians who are confident to reason and problem-solve. The CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) is central to teaching and learning with teachers ensuring that pupils are able to construct mathematical meaning using concrete resources (Numicon and Base 10) with the aim to become fluent in the abstract and make connections with other areas of their learning. Teachers use every opportunity to contextualise the learning so that children know why they are learning and how these skills can be applied in everyday life.

Consumption and Personal Finance 

In addition to the Maths National curriculum thread the Swedish curriculum of 'Consumption and Finance'.

Children are taught:

  • Finance, saving and consumption for young people
  • The value of money 
  • How to cost effectively consume goods 

Year Group Learning Expectations