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Digital Leaders Blog

Welcome to the Heartwood Digital Leaders Blog.

On this page you will find posts about our meetings and what we have been working on.

19th June 2023

Today the digital leaders met with Mr Powley to update the computing code of conducts for the whole school. We looked at the old ones and worked together to re-word them so they made sense and were relevant to our school. Now Digital Leaders are in charge of reading the code of conduct at the beginning of every commuting lesson.

17th May 2023

Our Digital Leaders badges arrived today! We were very excited and proudly wore them on our jumpers to let everyone know we are Digital Leaders!

2nd May 2023

The winning design has been chosen! Congratulations to the winning design. As a reward for designing the winning badge the winner got to be the first person in the school to use one of our new surface books to design their badge. We used a paint program to turn the design on paper into a digital artefact. We talked about how it would be difficult to create the more intricate details of the paper design on the digital one if it was being printed on a small badge. We decided to make the design simpler so it was easier to see on the badges. 

Once the design was finalised Mr Powley ordered our custom Digital Leaders badges. We can't wait for them to arrive!

28th April 2023

Today The CODE SHOW came to visit school, we were allowed to preview the show before the rest of the school, we enjoyed playing on computers from the 80's games like Donkey Kong. We saw lad out on the table, all of the things that are now stored on a smart phone: phone, radio, music, camera, phonebook, games, and lots more! By the time we visited with our classes we were experts on the history of computing.

22nd March 2023

Digital leaders met for the first time today! Mr Powley talked to us about what it means to be a digital leader, and what our roles and responsibilities will be. 

We created designs for digital leaders badges on paper, Mr Powley will decide on the winner and that design will be made digital and then printed onto our badges!