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Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School
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Heartwood Extra-curricular Clubs

Due to COVID-19 some of the after school clubs have been suspended

At Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School we offer a range of sporting after school clubs that cater for all tastes. Clubs include; Forest School Cookery, Dance, Football, woodwork and Gardening.

Club runs from 3pm - 4pm and are free of charge to enhance your child's experience at Heartwood. Some clubs ran by external providers may require a small contribution. 


Heartwood Summer term 2022 Extra-curricular clubs 

DayAfter school clubs 3-4pm

Forest School and activities club



Woodwork school club

ICS Sports club (external provider low charge)

Ukulele club




Lego and building club 

Art club 



Yoga and Mindfulness club 



Cricket Club 

ICS Heartwood Dodgeball Team club club 5-6pm (external provider low charge)- coming soon! 


Rounders, running and science clubs starting in June

Lego club

Hapa Zome at Forest school club

Forest school club

Art Club

Yoga and Mindfulness club

Gardening Club!


The gardening club have been working exceptionally hard and been awarded the level 1, 2 and 3 Gardening awards!!


Gardening club sell the produce they have grown to the community

Gardening club- planting sunflowers for the community

Forest School Cookery Club

This term Forest School Cookery club will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday 3 - 4pm.


Please ensure your child comes prepared with a tub to take home anything they may make.