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Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School
Learn to Love – Love to Learn!

Pupil Premium and COVID Recovery and Therapy planning

Learn to Love- Love to learn 


‘ To infinity and beyond!’  

We use our pupil premium funding wisely to ensure that our children have the social and emotional skills, emotive language and the best start to their learning destinies. 

Quality first teaching of reading and language development will ensure that our wonderful children fulfil their potential with any barriers to learning ‘zapped away’.

We believe that all children are God’s children and deserve the best in their school.


When children love themselves, their peers, school and community they will have the foundations to love to learn and the sky has no limits to what they can achieve ...



Our 3 year strategy is based around the following 5 priorities:


  • Every teacher a Quality First Educator 
  • Every child a reader 
  • Every child a confident communicator
  • Every child will Learn to love- Love to learn
  • Every child to reach for infinity and beyond 



COVID-19 Recovery and Therapy Premium 


Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Those from the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds will be among those hardest hit. The aggregate impact of lost time in education will be substantial, and the scale of our response must match the scale of the challenge.

We know that we have the professional knowledge and expertise in the education system to ensure that children and young people recover and get back on track. Returning to normal educational routines as quickly as possible will be critical to our national recovery, and the government intends for schools and colleges to fully open in September.


The government has announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up. This includes a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time.

Although all children have had their education disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it is likely that disadvantaged and vulnerable groups will have been hardest hit

Schools’ allocations will be calculated on a per pupil basis, providing each mainstream school with a total of £80 for each pupil in years reception through to 11.


How do we plan to use this premium at Heartwood?

We have identified that reading and phonics to be the most affected by the closure of the partial school for COVID-19, we have strategically planned to address the gaps of reading through the RWI recovery curriculum and 1:1 intervention, this is partially funded by the Pupil Premium Funding we are allocated above. 

A large proportion of the funding will be spent on addressing the potential impact that COVID and school closures has had on our children's social, emotional and mental health.


We plan that the impact of this will ensure that these core skills are taught that were missed during lock-down, enabling the children to continue to flourish and aim to be at age related expectation for their year group. This will carefully be measured by target setting and monitoring the progress of the identified children to ensure the premium funding is the having the biggest possible impact. 


COVID Recovery and Therapy Funding Plan

Pupil Premium Ambassador- Marie Compton 

Pupil Premium Link Governor- Lee Stevens