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Heartwood CE VC Primary and Nursery School
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We are artists and designers...

"The artist is not a special kind of person;

rather each person is a special kind of artist" 

Ananda Coomaraswamy

The Heartwood art curriculum is influenced by a professionally created scheme to teach our art called Kapow, which is adapted to ensure that all pupils thrive in this subject. Our children build on prior learning and are challenged through a diverse art curriculum. This is taught through 5 main areas:

- drawing

- painting and mixed media

- sculpture and 3D

- craft and design 

- digital art 


In addition to this each year group will also explore the work of an artist. 


Each child in KS1 and KS2 has their own sketchbook which essentially evidences their progressive journey through a project. Children use the sketchbook to explore ideas, collect information and inspiration, learn and practise new skills and art techniques and reflect on and critique their work.

Ensuring all can access and flourish in Art and Design

Making a Difference 

We create art to share with the community and beyond. Art communicates messages and brings the community together for pleasure and enjoyment. This was evident in the galleries that we have participated in and held. 


Teaching the children about different artists and mediums broadens their cultural capital and gives them a window into the world of artists, bringing along empathy, admiration, respect and tolerance.


We share and gift our artwork with the community. 

Arts Mark Award

Heartwood is delighted to be awarded the Silver Arts Mark award. We have been praised on enriching the Art experiences for our children and building strong links with the wider community through the Arts. 

Cultural education gives children and young people the opportunity to develop their creativity, both individually and collectively, and that is why our goal for every is for child and young person to experience the richness of the arts.

Darren Henley

Chief Executive - Arts Council England


It is vital that children have the opportunity to learn and enjoy arts and culture from an early age. It develops their creativity, inspires future careers and enriches their childhood.

Michael Ellis MP

Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism 

Department of Arts, Media and Sport

The Studio

We have an amazing Art and Design studio which is well equipped with art materials and a kitchen. All teachers have the opportunity to teach in the studio during each Art unit.

Art Ambassadors

Autumn 2022 Swaffham Rotary Club Gallery

Sustainable tie dye bags

Designed and created by Otters Class (year 3). The children based these on African fabrics they explored by tie dying the fabric and then printing the animal shape onto the bag, don't they look effective?!

Year 2 - 'Golden Tears'

Year 2 have were the first visitors to The Studio. We have been learning about the work of Gustav Klimt. A French artist called Anne-Marie Zilberman was inspired by his amazing work and created a painting called 'Golden Tears', also known as 'Freya's Tears'. She used gold leaf to embellish the art.

We used 'Golden Tears' to influence our own artwork and recreated the beautiful painting. We used watercolour paints along with collage in gold tones, which we then embellished with gold leaf and glitter!

Year 3 project - Collage Portraits...

Otter Class have created these wonderful colour-themed collage portraits, exploring different materials to create features and add embellishments!

Year 4 'Pretty Boys'...

Owls Class embarked on a project based on the work of Australian artist Jessica Watts and her range of beautiful birds named 'Pretty Boys'. They designed their own Pretty Boy in their sketchbook, deciding on the colour they would use to mix different shades of for the feathers. We looked carefully at the marks and positioning of the features on the birds and used a combination of skills to create our art; drawing, painting and collage. 

Go Go T-Rex

We are excited to be taking part of the Go Go T-Rex trail for 2022! The children will take part in designing the T-Rexs, adding the mediums to them and then we will go hunting to find them in Norwich!

Take a look at the finished product...Meet Tabitha the Heartwood Tree-Rex! Inspired by our School Values and Forest School setting and our love for nature and the great outdoors!

Moles Class in The Studio...

During our Dinosaur enrichment week, Moles Class explored tile printing. First they drew their dinosaur design on the tile and painted the background for their print. In the next session we rolled ink onto the tile design and used a clean roller to apply pressure on the back so it printed onto the background!

Norfolk Open Art Studios 2021

We are delighted to have taken part in the Norfolk Open Studios 2021. On Saturday 25th and Monday 27th September we hosted our gallery to our local community. We welcomed many families, school governors and local residents into the school to view the wonderful artwork. Our children were involved in the creating, setting up and hosting of the event. 

We showcased artwork from all ages!

Our Norfolk Open Studios Gallery Event in action...

Feedback and comments following our open gallery event...


"The art showcased so many different techniques and approaches, by all ages and was so enjoyable to view. Also the works were so beautifully displayed."


"Such fabulous work, a brilliant display of what young children can achieve with a loving caring staff. Congratulations to all!"


"What a lovely art studio! The children are very lucky to have all these facilities to produce such high standard art"


"Lovely thoughtful artwork. The children have done a fantastic job as well as the school for giving them the opportunity"

Our beautiful gallery was in the Lynn News!

Swaffham Visual Arts Festival 

In partnership with the Swaffham Rotary club, we showcased our artwork at the Swaffham Visual arts festival at the Assembly rooms in Swaffham. 

Our artwork was on display from 29th- 31st October 2021. 

We have regular visits from local Norfolk based artist, Eden Mullane. Eden has worked with our Art Ambassadors and children with SEND on different art projects...

The Nicholas Hamond Academy

Our curriculum is designed to prepare the children for the next stages in their education in each subject. Our curriculum map plans to support the declarative and procedural knowledge needed for the children to access and thrive in Art in KS3.


TNHA Art Curriculum Roadmap


TNHA Art curriculum plan KS3


TNHA Art Curriculum Plan KS4

Mouse Class art...

We have been exploring lots of art techniques in nursery...

Reception art collaboration!


Look at this beautiful piece of collaborative art, created by Rabbit Class. Children worked together to use different techniques and media. The canvas has been proudly placed on the wall in the classroom!

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